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tv   Eyewitness News at 8am  CBS  September 28, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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we are finding temperatures this weekend in the 80s, todd, as you all know at home, it is going to be lovely day today, as well, with temperatures right about that same level. so, extremely comfortable 80 degrees, 84, probably. because of the low humidity, and the low wind and the full sunshine. and seeing beautiful start to the day, through center city philadelphia it, looks great at the shore, too. people are out on the boardwalk, in ocean sit, the sun is out, welcoming everybody. and we've been continuing to watch, neighborhood weathernet work, the sun gets higher and higher in the sky, cape may, 26 degrees, winds still remain practically non-existent. storm scan3, one little batch of some clouds, they don't have any moisture with them, to the ground. so they're going to move on through, but they'll add cloud or two, sunshine all day long, so just casino of whip on through. 64 degrees, temperatures are starting to come up, in philadelphia, we just gained 3 degrees in about the last ten minutes. fifty-eight in trenton,
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59 degrees in wilmington, and well into the 50's, now, 55 degrees up in the poconos. where it had been in the 40's this morning. you can see, that we're starting on a warm day today. then, we move out to northeast philadelphia, 62 degrees, 57 in mt. holly, a lot of these temperatures, warming up quickly. and our temperatures will be warming up quickly. seventy-nine by noon, and by 3:00 p.m., 84 lovely degrees. i'll be back with the full forecast all week, coming up. todd? >> carol, thank you. we begin with breaking news, fire ripped through mt. airy apartment building sending two people to the hospital. the fire officials on the scene say, they smelled gasoline, and the fire is being called suspicious. syma chowdhry picks up the story live from the scene. syma? >> reporter: residents woke to up scary moments earlier this morning, not one, but two fires, were set, on 7400 block of stenton avenue. now there is happened, around 2:30 this morning, at the chestnut terrace apartments. one fire was started in a
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hallway on the first floor, the other, also in the hallways, but on the thirds floor. officials say, gasoline may have been used, deeming this incident suspiciousment one person has been taken into custody for questioning. this is what fire officials had to say. >> reports from the fire marshall indicates that there were strong odor of gasoline and plus that there were two separate fires, one on the first floor, one on the third floor, casino every like indicates that it is suspicious in nature. but right now, questioning a suspect. >> that's right. one person is in custody. lots of folks had to go to their balcony and try to get help from fire officials. they had to be rescued from their balcony. we know two people were taken to the hospital. one, for second agree burns, and the other, for smoke inhalation. the residents had to be evacuated, some of them did get a chance to go inside and check the damage in their apartment. the red cross was earlier here, a significance the red
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dents, but a loft folks have been told they may not be able to stay here tonight. because of smoke and water damage. >> syma chowdhry, "eyewitness news". flew this morning, quadruple shooting under investigation in philadelphia's fairhill neighborhood. happened on the 2800 block every hope street just before 5:00 a.m. investigators tell cbs-3 group of people got into argument and bullets started flying all four victims rushed to the hospital. no words on their conditions at this time. also new this morning, shooting in philadelphia's fernrock neighborhood also under investigation. a man, was shot, in the right arm, and leg, at around midnight. it happened in the 6900 block of shamplose street. the unidentified man is in critical condition, no word on a suspect. and developing right now, police officer is shot, in ferguson, missouri. the search underway for the
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suspects, the city has been the scene of some racial unrest, in the wake of the august shooting death after unarmed black teenager by a white police officer. authorities say the officer on patrol last night when he encountered two men who ran from him. the officer gave chase. >> as he came into close proximity with them, one of the individuals turned with firearm, the officer able to block it with his arm, and then was shot in the arm by one of the suspect. the police officer is expected to be okay last night's shooting do not appear to have anything to do with the shooting death of michael brown, killed by officer darren wilson on august 9th. county grand jersey whether to indict in the shooting. septa bus crash under investigation this morning, friday, woman was crossing the street with her son in south philadelphia when struck and killed. son survived the crash. "eyewitness news" reporter
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noel mcclaren has the story. >> it didn't really work out for us. >> ronald dejesus said telling his eight year old grandson that his mother couldn't be saved after she was struck by a septa bus was one of the hard ers things ever had to do. visit the place where his daughter sheena was struck and killed, and his grandson. >> to lose a child, man, you know, it is like you don't want to see your child leave this earth before you. >> you want it the other way aroundment just terrible. >> police say the 29 year old mother was crossing washington avenue with her son by her side when she was hit. when officers arrived, they say they found the little boy had fallen to the gown, but was trying to save his mother. >> he was trying to render aid to his mother. sitting there with his mother when they got her. >> dejesus said his grandson is still in the hospital recovering from bumps, bruises, and a possible
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concussion suggestion tsarnaev from the incident, also learning to adjust to living without parents? all we can do is hole them. tell them it will be okay. >> as the port begins to come in from the community where she was killed, wonders how such a tragedy could have possibly happened. >> i'm definitely going have a lot of questions, i know they are doing their investigation. had my grandson with her, so i know that she was using precautions. >> that bus was parts of their vehicles. south philadelphia, noel mcclaren, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> a little girl fighting for her life after being attacked by a pitbull inside her own home. it happened on add lean drive in newark, delaware, saturday. the girls 15 year old sister fought off the dog and called 911, responding officers say the animal was so aggressive they had to shoot t a neighbor describes the chaotic scene.
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>> blood, all over, and the bigger sister, blood. >> i didn't know they had a pitbull. i know there is a german shepherd. >> the victim is listed in critical condition at children's hospital of philadelphia. neighbors say she was the daughter of newark city councilman. coming up next, on "eyewitness news", luke was born a boy but then? >> i thought maybe the easy explanation was cents that luke was gay. >> the difficult choice of family makes as this teen becomes one of the youngest to undergo a sex change operation. see the transformation next. and we'll also cents have this: >> the simulated video that some say shows a flaw in airplane security. and the potential solution that's going no where. >> we go to capitol hill to find out why. >> congress is the one who is going to have the bloodshed on their hands. >> the i-team exclusive
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browse the store nearest you... ...or shop from our nationwide inventory and have the car of your dreams, transferred to your local carmax store. finding the perfect car is easy when you start your search at carmax. carmax. start here. >> planes for another terror attack in the u.s. may already be underway. even more frightening, many pilots and air marshals say today security measures won't stop it, and a solution is being ignored. investigative reporter charlotte hoffman exposes the cock pill danger. >> terrorists storming the cockpit. scary thought. some believe it could happen again. >> ellen is one of them. her husband, victor, was the pilot whose plane struck the south tower. >> i can't stand by and look
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another family member in the ian say, i'm sorry, i knew there was issue, and i stood by and said nothing. >> the issue, even with a strength, the cock pill still just nerve recall. that's according to federal study commissioned by the faa. czar seen i so worried she and several airline workers made this video, simulating the report findings. it shows a flight attendant with a beverage cart standing guard, as the cockpit door is about to be opened. the study calls that the most robust form of security airlines have when the doors open in flight and found it doesn't take much to breach it. >> it is cents scary, it is scar. >> i dave kline former air marshall. >> we've done training drillings where two, three seconds, you're over that, that flight crew, you're over that, that cart, and you're at the cockpit already. >> some believe plans for the next attack are already underway. the i-team obtained this 2014 memo in which the head of security for us airways pilots union warns other pilots,
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there have been several cases recently throughout the industry, what appear to be probe or dry runs, to test procedures. >> what do you know about dry runs? >> they're very real. they're very role. >> one possible case happened last september, on flight from dc, to orlando, crow members say four men caused commotion. one man ran from his seat toward the cockpit, while the others changed seats, opening overhead bins and, quote, generally making a scene. both the ts a and us air wears confirm the incident to "eyewitness news", saying, the matter was investigated, but required no further investigation. >> is this the thing that keeps you up at night? >> yes, yes. >> pilot ed fowl son co-cared on cockpit security, the best way to stop a terror frist rushing the cockpit is a secondary barrier that is closed whenever the cockpit door is opened. >> every airplane with 100 seats or more could have barrier on it within 12 months, then we've mitigated dollars, we've next in the
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problem. >> but there is concern that won't happen. >> in my opinion the airlines don't want to spend monday. >> i barriers will cost the airlines five to $12,000 per plane. >> to fix airplanes we, denied our interview request, several stating the obvious, they'll install barriers if congressman dade it. on capitol hill, there is cents a bill that would do just that. it sits in the transportation infrastructure committee, chaired by pennsylvania's bill shuster. representative shuster is the one person here on capitol hill who can bring this bill to a vote on the house floor. but, shuster, whose district includes shenk little, where flight 93 crashed, has not acted on the bipartisan bill despite its 60 co-sponsors, and widespread support from aviation and law enforcement agencies. >> dumb found to go me. what agendas do they have? and you look at contributions that have been given to them. >> that's exactly what we did.
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the eye team dug up the sugar -- shuster finance report. we found over the past year shuster received more money from the airline industry than any other member of the congress. his number one contributor, united continental holdings. that is the owner and operator of united airlines. charlotte, cbs philly. for weeks we called the congressman's office and sent emails, but they were never return. so we went to capitol hill. cbs-3 out of philadelphia. i want to ask you if your top contributors are the reason you are blocking the bill, sir. >> congress is the one who is going have the bloodshed on their hands. it will not be on my hands. >> it will either come to a vote because we succeed in making the case, with your help, with the public's help, that this is the right thing to do. or it will happen about one day after the next attack. >> the bill was introduced by representative mike fitzpatrick, of bucks county, he tells us, now, more than ever, america deserves the protection that this bill
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provides. charlotte, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". we are looking at fantastic sunday in front us. great day to watch football, but it feels like a day maybe go to the pool or something? >> if there were any open. >> right. >> yes, you corks and, in fact, just spend as much time as you can outside today. just soak all of this in. beautiful looking weather at the shore today. it is beautiful everywhere. poconos, reading, any place you go, you are going to be finding absolutely fabulous conditions. i want to brighten things up out in royersford. this is the last three hours. look how great it looks out there, right now. comfortable temperature, we have 55 degrees, out in royersford, northwesterly winds, and very light, about 1 mile an hour. we have just one, two clouds going on by. just making the sky little more interesting. no precipitation expected today. just warming temperatures, in fact, we could be adding some 20 degrees to what the temperature is now, in philadelphia, right now, 64, we should be ending up where we were yesterday, right about 84 degrees. in trenton, right now, 58.
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wilmington, 59. everybody warming up, 80 plus today with this high pressure system here. now, it moves a little bit. this back door cold front starts to come down, tomorrow, the temperatures probably way up in the 70s, close to 80 degrees again tomorrow. few more clouds, in the sky, tomorrow, and then on tuesday, we watch this front get closer, do we see a brief shower, one or two of the computer models are saying so. in fact, let's see what they are saying. and as we go through time today, we have a lovely afternoon coming up. few clouds, coming in tonight, this is a look, also, tomorrow morning, you'll be finding sun, clouds, few more clouds, as we go through the afternoon. they leave. then, we start to see, we get chance after shower coming in here on tuesday. this computer model is changing constantly. but, it says, now, about 2:00 in the afternoon, on tuesday, expect further refinements of that. but just know, there could be some showers around in the afternoon on tuesday. this is tuesday night, they could still be around here. and you can't totally rule out a shower on wednesday, as well, with system off in the
8:17 am
atlantic ocean, so maybe the two of those create shower for tuesday, and wednesday. no guarantee that happens, how much. the guarantee that happens great temperatures today, 84 degrees, in philadelphia, 78 at the shore, poconos, 78 degrees. lots of fun, fun things to do today. between 1:00 and 3:00 this afternoon, this is great. it is the 18th annual, this is the hollywood -- here ray for hollywood dog show. so if you look like your pet, or your pet looks like lassie or rin tin tin, or cute costume, take them down to steve and cookie's, amherst avenue, margate, register from, amherst avenue margate, new jersey, aid for animals, great organization. they are putting this on. it is as two-hour dog show, and you will love it. you'll see just incredible amount of dogs that look like their owners, or just look like they're having a loft fun. 84 degrees, wonderful day for any of the outdoor activities,
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and there are plenty of them going on today, if not, make some of your own. sixty-two for the temperature tonight, we've got temperatures that are great all week long, after today, and maybe tomorrow, we hit 808 degrees, we will find temperatures that will be in the 70s, with the chance of shower, at this point, tuesday. possibly on wednesday. todd? >> carol, thank you. time now to check the roads. we go out to ann evans at the cbs-3 traffic center. hello, ann. >> hello, todd. this is the ben franklin parkway right at logan circlement look at all of the people milling about. this is for the parkway run, which is on from now, in fact, it just started at 8:00 this morning, on until 9:30, the inner lanes of the ben franklin parkway closed logan circle and the art museum circuit. also once this run is over, set up underway for the puerto rican day parade, parade scheduled innocent to 4:30 this afternoon, so busy logan circumstance they will morning. we move the traffic cam here, and this is the spring garden street ramp to the schuylkill,
8:19 am
it is closed, for long-term construction, that's happening there through october. you can see the closure signs on it. and moving the traffic cam one more time, than is to i95 at 420. no delays or problems here. i95, behaving itself, through philadelphia, and its suburbs, that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic sent, i'm ann evans, todd, back to you. a sex change operation has been completed in the philadelphia area on one of the youngest patients ever. a growing number of trans gender adoloscents are being diagnosed, and three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the new trend. >> reporter: like any teenage girl, alley bradley likes make up, and tries different hairstyles and outfits. >> i like it because it is girly but not too girl. >> i she said she has always been drawn to girly stuff even though alley was once a boy. named luke. >> i felt trapped in my own body. because i had a girls brain but boys bod. >> i it became apparent pretty
8:20 am
quick that luke was different. >> all's dad says luke always talked about being a princess, and then, refused to go to school unless co-dress like a girl. middle school was tough. >> people would just say like rude comments, just mean spirited things. >> i thought maybe the easy explanation was that luke was gay. but as things went along, you realize, there is more to this. >> after extensive therapy that started when luke was nine, he was diagnosissed when gender identity disorder. after years of dressing like a girl, luke and his family agreed, he would become aly. at 13, aly was given medication that kept puberty fry starting by suppressing testosterone. >> makes the transition of the patient easier, because they don't develop male characteristics. >> doctor sherman lee completed aly's transition last month. >> we used most of the tissues of male genitalia, and convert them to female genitalia.
8:21 am
>> only made sense for me to be 100 percent a girl. >> the female hormone estrogen that aly now takes helps with other female characteristics, like breast z. >> i never lie in bed at night and go oh, my god, am i making a business mistake. love your child unconditionally. you just want to make life as painless as possible for your child. more and more people are coming for treatment. and the question can be asked: are more people becoming trans gender. no, more people are coming out of the closet. >> stud advice shown adoloscents diagnosed with gender identity disorder have higher rates of pschiatric problems and suicide. those rates decrease following transitions. >> i know we are saving lives, and we're saving a lot of mist are you and unhappiness in people, improving the quality of their live. >> there is a stigma to being trans gender. it is important for people to be under educated, and understand why people are the way they are. >> so is anyone opposed to changing a child's gender hormonally and surgically. well, experts say, as lodge as the child is psychologically
8:22 am
cleared, and isn't too young, there is no scientific evidence that it is cents dangerous. aly now starting 11 grade. while she struggled with depression in the past specially after her mom died, she happier than she's ever been, with big plans for the future. >> i envision definitely getting married probably, and i do want to adopt children. >> she my hero. she has more courage and bravery than anybody i know. >> now that she is 17, aly said she is finally the person she was always meant to be. stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness
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i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live in delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years.
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meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families. a driving force, lee could you and puts the medal to the met al for thrilling ride for first family every drag racing. here is a preview whatever you will see coming up later on
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cbs this sunday morning. they are called funny cars. even though there is nothing funny about them. they explodes zero to over 300 miles an hour in just four seconds. that's what 8,000 horse power will do but no one has high octane presence in the sport as this man. at 65, john force is still the man to beat. >> that's called a selfie. how old are you? >> allege end, won more funny car championships, 16 of them, than any other drag racer in history. >> i do okay. my office is the in the seat that far car. once i get this there, an old guy like me gets quick again. >> this fire suit makes me superman. not really but i believe i am. >> foreman a man with motor oil for blood, it is not
8:26 am
surprise that race something a family affair. but what may surprise you is just how much his love of driving rubs off on his daughters. >> i think he wanted boys to be arrays car driver, but he ended up with three girls that, i don't know, ends up being race car drivers. >> super cop dragster, what ashley, brittany, courtney started in. that car goes 160 miles an hour. courtney, ashley, and brittany force are like the von tracks of the racing world. this is no gimmick. they're serious competitors. courtney, who was already turning heads foray peering on the cover of the espn body issue, turned even more heads this year when she broke the record for the most all-time funny car wins by a woman. the record she broke by the way, was set by her older sister. >> ashley force! >> then there is brittany. >> i actually went to school to be a teacher, and didn't
8:27 am
end upgoing down that path. the great thing is i get to still work with kids out here. >> the national drag racing association champion, has three daughters, that's this sunday morning right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 a.m. the latest on our breaking news, coming up next on "eyewitness news", an investigation is underway into two suspicious fires at a local apartment building overnight. the latest in a live report, and do you know the day of the week your favorite stores mark down prices in "3 on your side" does. still ahead, jim donovan shows you the day of the week deals. and, don't put those shorts away just yet. carol tells us more about the warm weather on the way. when "eyewitness news" continues.
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today is sunday, september 28th, good morning, everyone, i'm todd quinones, looking at a day in front thaws temperatures will reach the 80s. here's meteorologist, carol erickson to join us now with a look at weather. what a day. >> what a day. some people love summer a lot more than they love winter. i count myself in that group. we can keep this going year around. but, this is the northeast, it doesn't happen, so i think it is one of the reasons we should get out and enjoy what we've got while we've got t center city philadelphia looks great. we've been watching this little line of some clouds, will move on by, and great looking day, no precipitation expected. ocean city, also, looks lovely out there this morning. we have temperatures that are so comfortable, and they'll be staying comfortable, even getting into the 80s, because the humidity is down. temperature close to 60 degrees in reading, right now, looks very nice, and winds very light there, too. just what it is today. our temperatures right now in the poconos, 55 degrees, with
8:31 am
3-mile per hour winds, philadelphia, 64 degrees, the winds are calm here, 58, and the winds are calm in atlantic city right now. as we look at storm scan3, there you see, few of those clouds, and that's what you are seeing in the sky right now, casino of on line from williamsport, maybe down to cape may, otherwise, they move on by, and we get more sunshine today. sixty-four, out at the airport, 58 in trenton, 59 degrees in wilmington, very comfortable start. the middle of the day, wonderful, 79 degrees. the sun in control, by 3:00 p.m., 84 degrees, we have zero weather problems, coming in our direction, future weather right now showing clear skies as we go through this afternoon, overnight, we start to pick up couple of clouds, maybe for the first part of the day on monday, as well. otherwise, nice looking weather, and so comfortable, when i come back, i'll show you the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, maybe any precipitation chances coming up this week. todd? >> reporter: carol, thank you. update on breaking news in
8:32 am
philadelphia's mt. airy neighborhood. an apartment fire sends two people to the hospital and forces evacuations. fire officials are calling the blaze suspicious. syma chowdhry live at the scene with more on the investigation. syma? >> reporter: todd, the fire is now out. it was cents pretty scary for residents in the apartment building behind me, when not one but two fires broke out here on the 7400 block of stenton avenue. now there is happened around 2:30 this morning, at the chestnut terrace apartments. one fire was started in a hallway on the first floor, the other on the thirds floor, also, in the hallway. now, officials say gasoline may have been used, deeming this incident, suspicious. one person has been taken into custody for questioning. two people were taken to the hospital, one for second degree burns, the other, for smoke inhalation. the residents had to be evacuated, and the red cross on the scene assisting. we did talk with one resident who said the apartment building has had some false alarms recently, so when the
8:33 am
smoke detectors went off, many people didn't leave at first. >> something said: open the door to check. when i opened, i saw black smoke, and within a minute, it was just dark. everybody, just started screaming. this is real, this is a fire, get out, everybody just get out. >> reports by the fire marshall indicates that there was strong odor of gasoline, flaws there were two separate fires, one on the first floor, one on the thirds floor. kind of like indicates that it is suspicious in nature. but, right now, questioning the suspect. >> and, the fire was so fast moving, that many folks had to rush to their balcony, and try to be rescued with fire officials from there. there are some people still in their apartment. they got a chance to go back in, and check out to see what was damaged, what wasn't. a lot of folks said that their
8:34 am
ants did sustain some water and smoke damage. so they may not be able to stay in their ants tonight. but again, the red cross here on the scene, is a cysting it. live in mt. airy, syma chowdhry, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> syma, thank you. septa bus crash in south philadelphia is under investigation this morning. police tell "eyewitness news", a mother was crossing the street with her son, when they were struck by the bus. it happened friday night at 15th street and washington avenue. twenty-nine year old sheena white was killed, her eight year old son, injured. her grieving father is searching for answers. >> oh, just tearing me up. i'm almost at a lost for words, to lose a child, man, you know, it is like, you know, you don't want to see your child leave this earth before you. you know? i mean, when it is the other way around, it is just terrible. >> there are no passengers aboard at the time of the accident. charges are now pending in a hit-and-run crash, that left a grandfather dead, and his grandson injured, in
8:35 am
philadelphia's mt. airy neighborhood. authorities say they were inside a red car when a green suv collided into their vehicle, at gorgeous and ardly friday night. the driver and the passenger of the suv ran away from the scene. police though caught up with them short time later. investigators are determining whether they were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. a shooting in strawberry mansion has police searching for a kill they are morning. the 38 year old victim was shot four times, including once in the head. he was returned from the 2900 block of west oak dane street to temple university hospital, where he later died. police haven't said what may have sparked that shooting. residents and community groups are marching this weekend, to call for an ends to gun violence in philadelphia. the hands across philadelphia event was held in west philadelphia. dozens marched 3 miles along 52nd street from woodland avenue, to parkside avenue. organizers say, it is important to educate young people and teach them skills
8:36 am
that stop violence, before it starts. it is too much death, way too much death. we need to do toking get people to understanded that there is way too much death. we have to do something to get people to stand up against it, stand up against the shooting and the killing. >> reporter: the naacp was among the groups that organized that event. the us-led coalition determined to destroy the isis terror group in iraq and syria had another busy day. they had some help. cbs news reporter allison harmilan has the latest. >> reporter: two british tornado jets flew their first coalition mission saturday over iraq. >> play our part and to help deal with supporting terrorist organizations. >> reporter: british de friends ministry says the war planes gathered intelligence but did not fire on any targets. the uk's participation so far only approved for iraq, came one day after david cameron pleaded with a cautious parliament. >> this is about psychopathic
8:37 am
terrorists trying to kill us, we do have to realize that whether we like it or not, they have already declared war on us, and there isn't a war gone by option. >> saturday, 7us led air strikes in syria damaged isis training camp and several armed or vehicles. war planes also targeted strong hold, attack ago town near the turkish border. three strikes in iraq, also destroyed several armored vehicles in a isis military camp. chairman. us joint chiefs of staff, general martin dempsey, said friday that the strikes in syria are disrupting the isis chain of command. but he stands by his position that thousands of boots on the grounds will be necessary to reclaim areas of eastern syria. president obama has cents consistently said he won't be sending us troops into the fight. in new york, allison harmilan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and, president obama will be speaking about the growing threat of isis in a wide ranking interview on 60 minutes. we invite to you watch the season premiere right here tonight at 7:00 on cbs-3.
8:38 am
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"face the nation" will be coming your way later this morning right here at 10:30, cbs-3. joining us now with preview live in washington, moderator and cbs news chief washington correspondent, bob schieffer. bob, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, todd. we will start off this morning with a excerpt from the interview that steve croft of 606 minutes did with president obama. in it, the president tells us more about his mindset, how he concluded that the strategy to destroy isis had to include a military component, and why, he also talks about how this group called isis used the confusion and the chaos of the
8:41 am
syrian civil war, while we were all focused on, that how they were able to build up their own forces and move into northern iraq. fascinating new details, and so that's where we'll tart this morning. bob, thank you. important stuff. still to come this morning, fall weather returns in the seven day forecast, carol has the details coming up next. and we'll also have this: means a lot to my. >> we're righting -- riding for her, for dianna. >> emotional journey, bikers bike from the city to the shore to raise money for a dill bill dating disease. do you know the day of the week your favorite stores mark down prices in "3 on your side" does. how you can find great deals on clothing, electronics, and more when "eyewitness news" this sunday morning continues.
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>> happening today, a celebration of puerto rican heritage. thousands are expected to attend the 52nd annual puerto rican day parade. it starts at noon at 18th and the ben franklin parkway, end at eakins oval. the parade is part of the celebrations that take place every year. and, it is the second day of the annual bike ms city to shore ride. the race raises money for multiple sclerosis research and programs. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson tells us it is a cause that is near and dear to the hearts of participants. three, two, let's ride. >> 7,000 cyclists, $6 million, one goal, ride to rid multiple sclerosis. >> we are ... >> teams of families, co-workers, friends, and survivors, suiting up for another battle saturday morning. >> opportunity for us to give something back, give to people who need our help.
8:45 am
>> annual ride from cherry hill to ocean city has been going on since the early 80s, 34 years, and nearly $50 million later, it has become a delaware valley institution. >> we will raise over $6 million, and that's more than half of our annual revenue. >> its success open arms, the ride is for everyone, serious riders to amateurs, like "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers. >> i'm not a bike rider at all. i don't think i've rid answer bike since i was 16. >> who of course had no problem finding a pair of bike shorts, in time for the big day. go get them, budd. >> i i don't have words to describe this, this just does my heart amazing good. >> more importantly, with an estimated 14,000 people, living with ms in the area, everyone knows this fight. robert thurston just lost his wife to it. >> it lena lot to me this year. my wife died march 21st, and after long battle with ms, so avenue lot of friends and, sorry, supporters who are here with me riding this. and we're riding for her, for
8:46 am
dianna. >> that's what it is about, the fun, the fight, the rides, and goes dianna, a wife, a mother, a life, forever a symbol for this stretch of road from city to shore. >> i'm fighting for her. and in honor of her. but i know there are so many other people who need this, and need help. >> in cherry hill, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well soon it will be time for the shovels and the boots and all of. that will but today, is more like a day for sun block, and i'll take it, right? >> and matt rivers in his bike shorts, yes. we like that. and steve patterson, giving him one of these. >> having a good time there, yes. >> you know, we saw little band of clouds go by, and you can see, not as bride and sunny right here through this section of philadelphia, which those of how know the city know exactly where it s we've got hahnemann hospital over here, and we have 15th and the vine st. expressway. and if you know the board walk in atlantic city you know exactly where this s and you can see, it looks like a
8:47 am
bright day there. and we will be finding a bright day. because we just have little band of clouds, just running on by, but no rain associated with it, looks lovely out in reading, 59 degrees, the winds are basically non-existent over the entire area. these are the clouds that we're seeing on the cameras right now, then you can see them, right on storm scan3. and they keep moving on. and we have more sunshine following those, fortunately. sixty-four the temperature in philadelphia right now. fifty-eight in trenton, 59 degrees wilmington, 55 in the poconos. lovely start to the day. calm winds and we're not a calm wind, it is a 2-mile per hour winds. that's it. so, that adds to the beauty and the joy of being outside. not having to run after your plates or anything else today, because everything is staying put. temperatures in the middle 80s, high pressure in here, perfect. tomorrow we get into the way up into the 70s, and it might hid 08 degrees tomorrow, slightly cooler. back door front coming through. then do we have low pressure system coming offer into the
8:48 am
ocean, and maybe bringing shower here, later on tuesday, maybe again on wednesday. the placement that far will be key to it. unlike yesterday it, seems to want to take it farther out to sea there is little front might want to trying their shower or two. let's see what we have going on here, nothing so much today. notice, just one, two clouds through the afternoon, more as we go through overnight, maybe first thing tomorrow. and then, they clear out, this is the front, that could be bringing some showers, on tuesday, at this point, they look like they're light showers. if you have hd tv over here, that is the area of low pressure, does it stay off the coast? we would like to think that it does. because we already saw coastal storm last week. that brought a lot of rain and winds on thursday. now, this computer model says tuesday evening, do we see few showers? do we see by wednesday, maybe just a little bit of shower activity, again it, depends on whether we find anything developing out along the coastal areas. we may not.
8:49 am
we may be staying mostly dry, most of that time, but i just want to call your attention to that in case you're doing that absolutely cannot have a drop of rain guaranteed. again that would be the mid week time period, if we were to see any of these showers. 84 degrees in philadelphia, today. it is cents dry today. seventy-eight at the shore. poconos, 78 degrees. cannot miss if you have outdoor plans scheduled for today, maybe scheduled them a year ago, you were brilliant. you new exactly what you were doing. fall foliage, it knows what it is doing, too, and it says, no too early for us to change, so, no change in the foliage right now. to the north, little bit more. but not a lot. temperatures have not gotten cool enough at night to really trigger some of those changes. and they're not cool today either. but they're great. 84 degrees, sunshine, low humidity, light winds, tonight, 62 degrees, few clouds eventually come into the picture, and then as we look through the next couple of days, almost 08 degrees monday few more clouds, tuesday, 77, partly sunny, maybe that shower, wednesday, do we see another shower?
8:50 am
there is a chance. temperatures, 72 degrees. thursday, should be dry, at 72 degrees, but we will continue to monitor that. friday, 73, and then, saturday we might be seeing a rain shower, but all of that, subject to change, except the temperatures which generally are nice. you know, you watch our forecast on tv. well, of course, now, you can hear them on the go, beginning tomorrow morning, you can listen to katie's forecast on "kyw news radio". eyewitness weather team on "kyw news radio", why don't you check in two, three, even four times a day. todd? >> carol, thank you. >> time now to check the road. we go out to ann evans once more at the cbs-3 traffic sentiment hi, ann. >> hey, today, look at the crowded logan circle there we have. this is for the parkway run, the ben franklin parkway, actually, inner lanes closed between logan circle and the art museum circle as you can see now, the parkway run is well underway, walkers and runners, it seems. and they seem to be having great old time here, all for
8:51 am
good cause, now, after the parkway run is over, around 9:30, 10:00 this morning, set up will be underway for the puerto rican day parade, the parade scheduled noon to 4:30 p.m. so those inner drivers will be closed, for a long time this morning. on the ben franklin parkway. we move the traffic cam from the logan circle, to the mid-county tolls, and the pa turnpike, no delays of the mid-county tolls. headed to the poconos, both the pa turnpike and northeast extension are in good shape. on to the ben franklin bridge, again, those ants crawling across the screen, apologize for, that ben franklin bridge in good shape this morning. do you have some construction, to the right of your screen, that's headed into philadelphia the westbound lanes, so far they're not causing any or the construction isn't causing any delay. and further up no problems on the 42 freeway, 55, the a.c. expressway, or the garden state parkway. that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic centerment i'm ann evans, todd, back to you. >> ann, thank you. does this feel like every time a store has a sale you're the last one to know?
8:52 am
clearance racks clear out before you have chance to brouse? pull out calendar. "3 on your side" reporter jim donovan shows you how to get fibs dibs just by shopping on the right day. 50%, 60%, 70% off or more. discounts like that are a big deal. >> avenue family of five, three children, myself, my husband, i look for any bargain i possibly can. >> looking for a store which day it has its mark downs, leaves you with more merchandise to choose from. >> if i new in advance i probably would take advantage of t if i new which day they marked merchandise out, i would be more inclined to go shopping. >> kyle james knows. >> amazing how open the employees were with the information. >> the founder of rather be shopping. com says many retail chains are just like the rest of us, they operate on a schedule. >> if you can plan your trip accordingly, you can get in there, you know, shop the clearance racks, new mark downs, and actually have stuff there. stuff you can actually save money on. >> for example, at mace he's
8:53 am
when it comes to marking down merchandise? >> supposed to be done by tuesday morning, making tuesdays, even wednesday morning, a great day to go in. >> james says, over at old navy employees say wednesdays are best for bargain hunting, because? >> usually by tuesday evening, we have to have all of our new mark-downs done, all of the new stuff to the clearance section. >> at tarring at the time depend on when you are buying. >> they don't do all of their clearance mark downs on one day, they break it up. >> for instance, mondays are electronics, tuesday's women's clothing, wednesday lawn and garden, thursday housewares, and friday, hard wear. james says j.c. penney pretty easy to remember. it marks down products on the first and third friday's of the month. at kohl's, it is the second and fourth saturday. and the gap? >> every two eeks on a monday, so employee told me that can change from store to store. but almost always on a monday. >> just figure out which monday, and plan accordingly. >> the key to be polite yourself. just say hey, i i notice not a
8:54 am
lot here on the clearance rack. what's a good day to come? >> says anthropology, babies are us, ross, joanne fact ricks, also mark down their items on a schedule. some schedules differ region to region. i posted details on finds the information on my facebook and twitter fields, as well. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan.
8:55 am
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we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. the numbers don't lie. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability, and hd picture quality. so join the millions who enjoy the difference fios makes and get a fios triple play online at an amazing price guaranteed for two years. sign up now and get $300 back with a two-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v we have a great day ahead of us, all part of pretty nice forecast. >> how about this weekend, todd? just as you orders he had. he put his orders in last weekends, look what happened. we have beautiful weather, couple of clouds out there right now, but that brands of cloudiness moving on, we will be left with full sunshine this afternoon, and temperatures are so comfortable. we have them right now. 65 degrees, through center city, in the 50's, some of the outlying areas. but, everybody gets into the 80s today, the lower 80s, through the lehigh valley, 84 degrees in philadelphia, and 78 in the poconos, 78 degrees down at the shore, today, and temperatures tonight dropping to
8:57 am
62 degrees. but this is a beautiful day. tomorrow we're very close to 08 degrees once again, you might see few more clouds, especially as we start the day, and then tuesday, chance of a shower in the afternoon, we continue to monitor that. but the temperatures mild, all week. >> looks great, carol, thank you. that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now. we might be signing off on tv but we of course are always on line at sunday morning with charles osgood is next, have a great day. >> ♪ it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> charles: goodñiñi morning, id charlesñiçó osgood, andñi this sunday morning. for people in the entertainment and the arts. this is the time for unveiling their latest offerings. for people in the tv business in particular, this is the night. a night when some of the best shows are on television, seemingly all at once. we have the